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5 Unexpected Benefits of Custom Orthotics

There are two different kinds of prescription custom orthotics, functional and accommodative. Functional orthotics are used to correct abnormal motion, and accommodative orthotics provide extra support and cushioning. 

If you have foot pain or trouble with your gait, Dr. Svetlana Malinsky performs a thorough exam before recommending custom orthotics as a way to address your problem. If you do decide to invest in a pair, our team helps you through the process of getting you fitted and designing your orthotics just for you.

At Svetlana Malinsky, DPM, we understand that orthotics represent an investment for you. However, less pain is worth an investment! Plus, here are five benefits you might not expect from prescription custom orthotics. 

1. Each one is designed separately

When you buy a set of off-the-rack shoe inserts, you get exactly that — a set. The inserts are the same, but are your feet? 

Everyone has one foot that is slightly larger than the other, and you may have other differences in your feet. Perhaps the big toe turns in more on one foot than the other. These differences can be so small that you’ve never noticed them. 

When you have custom orthotics made specifically for you, they fit each of your feet perfectly and they’re designed to provide support based on your specific needs. We take impressions of your feet in our office, and the lab fabricates your orthotics to exact specifications. No off-the-rack set of inserts can offer the same kind of tailor fit. 

2. Extra protection for diabetic feet

If you have diabetes, you may have nerve damage in your feet that limits sensation, or you may have decreased circulation, which can make it difficult for cuts, sores, or injuries on your feet to heal. 

It’s important for people with diabetes to have a podiatrist such as Dr. Malinsky on their care team because diabetics have a higher risk of amputation than others. Custom orthotics can offer extra protection to your feet, lowering your risk of injuring your feet.

3. Less pain

This benefit may not be unexpected. If you have plantar fasciitis, for example, custom orthotics can help relieve that pain.

The part of having less pain that might surprise you is how much that pain relief impacts the rest of your life. Chronic pain can affect your mood, your relationships, and your overall tension and stress levels. It can be remarkable how much better you feel overall when you’ve eased your pain.

4. Not just for your foot pain

It may seem obvious that prescription custom orthotics can ease pain in your feet caused by hammertoe or having flat feet, but you may not expect your shoe inserts to also ease ankle, knee, hip, or back pain. 

Custom orthotics can help align your posture. This helps correct your gait and also eases stress on your joints.

5. They aren’t just for ugly shoes

If you imagine that you need to wear clunky, unstylish shoes to get the benefit of custom orthotics, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Custom orthotics are designed to fit inside most shoes.

You can put your orthotics into different pairs of shoes, or you can have more than one set of orthotics made. For example, you may want a set of orthotics for the shoes you wear to exercise and another to wear in your casual shoes and dressier shoes that you wear to work. 

If you have questions about orthotics, or if you’d like to learn more about the problems custom orthotics can correct, book an appointment at Dr. Malinsky’s office in College Park, Maryland, today. You can schedule online or by phone at a time that’s convenient for you.

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