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Dr. Malinsky offers Moore Brace fitting services as a way to help prevent seniors from unnecessary falls. The Moore Brace is designed and clinically proven to reduce postural sway and increase postural stability.

These braces can be helpful for seniors where balance can be an issue or for those who want to maintain an independent lifestyle. As falls among seniors are one of the most widely kept secrets in health care, most people who are having balance problems believe that falling is just a part of getting older.

It’s important to understand that falls are the leading cause of injury leading to death among seniors. In fact fall related hip fractures account for 25% of injuries leading to death among seniors ages 65 and older. That percentage increases to 35% for those people who are 85 and older.

So if you are looking to help improve your stability and decrease the chance of a fall for you or a senior in your life, contact our office or schedule an appointment online. We can help you get started with the Moor Balance Brace.

These braces can keep your loved ones keep their independence and health by improving their balance and movement.

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