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Diabetic Foot Care Specialist

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Svetlana Malinsky, DPM

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Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects more than 34 million Americans. In addition to increasing your risk of kidney and heart disease, diabetes also increases your risk of developing foot problems. When you have diabetes, diabetic foot care is an important part of your treatment plan. The experienced team at Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, in College Park, Maryland, provides comprehensive diabetic foot care to keep your feet healthy and prevent foot-related complications. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.

Diabetic Foot Care

Why is foot care needed for people with diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that causes higher than normal blood sugar levels. The sugar in your blood serves as a source of energy for all the cells in your body. 

However, if you have diabetes, your body cannot transport the sugar from your blood into the cell, leading to an increase in blood sugar levels. Over time, the excess sugar damages your blood vessels, nerves, and organs.

When diabetes damages the nerves in your feet, you may lose sensation, and if you injure or cut your foot, you may not feel it. 

Diabetes also affects blood circulation to your feet, which impairs wound healing. If you have a cut you don’t know about, and it’s unable to heal because of poor blood circulation, you may develop a severe infection that causes gangrene (dead tissue) and requires limb amputation. 

What is diabetic foot care?

Diabetic foot care may help prevent minor foot injuries from turning into significant health problems. To maintain foot health, you need to follow diabetic foot care guidelines, such as:

  • Carefully inspecting your feet daily
  • Washing your feet in lukewarm water 
  • Moisturizing your feet to prevent dryness and cracks
  • Wearing the right shoes and socks
  • Never walking barefoot

In addition to taking good care of your feet at home, you also need periodic foot exams by an experienced podiatrist. The team at Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, specializes in diabetic foot care and can provide the treatment you need.

What happens during diabetic foot care?

The details of your diabetic foot care appointment depend on your specific health needs. The team at Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, takes a personalized approach to care and develops individualized treatment plans to maintain foot health and optimize overall wellness and well-being.

During your diabetic foot care appointment, the team asks detailed questions to better understand your health concerns and needs. They also review your medical history and inquire about your diabetes management and blood sugar control.

The team then examines your feet and performs any necessary treatment to maintain foot health, such as nail trimming and removal of corns and calluses. Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, also provides orthotics to protect your feet from injury.

To schedule your diabetic foot care appointment with a team that places your needs first, contact Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, by phone or book online today.