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Warts Specialist

Svetlana Malinsky, DPM -  - General Podiatrist

Svetlana Malinsky, DPM

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Warts are highly contagious skin growths caused by various strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV). These growths may occur anywhere on your body, including your feet. Though warts aren’t always a serious medical condition, they can cause pain when they occur on the soles of your feet. At Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, located in College Park, Maryland, the experienced podiatry team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of warts that develop on the feet. To schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.

Warts Q&A

What are warts?

Warts are benign skin growths caused by the highly contagious human papillomavirus (HPV). There are more than 100 strains of HPV, and about 60 of those strains cause warts that may develop on the feet. 

There are different types of warts, including:

  • Common warts
  • Flat warts
  • Plantar warts (foot warts)
  • Filiform warts
  • Genital warts

The team at Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, diagnose and treat warts that develop on your feet. 

What are plantar warts?

Plantar warts are a type of wart found on the sole of your foot. These growths may develop on the fleshy part of your skin beneath your toes, or the heel of your foot. 

Unlike other types of warts, plantar warts grow inward and may look like a callous. They may appear as a single growth or in clusters.

You may be at risk of getting plantar warts if you walk barefoot in public places, such as a locker room or community pool.

Though plantar warts may resolve on their own in time or with over-the-counter treatments, if your plantar wart causes pain or doesn’t improve with at-home care, contact Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, for help. 

What can I expect during an evaluation for plantar warts?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation when you come in to see the team at Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, to manage your plantar warts. During your exam, the team reviews your symptoms and concerns, as well as your medical history. 

Then, the team evaluates your foot and your warts to confirm a diagnosis. If needed, the team may perform a shave biopsy of your wart, which they send to the lab for analysis. 

During your evaluation, the team discusses your diagnosis and reviews all of your treatment options to make the most informed decision about your care. 

How are plantar warts treated?

The team at Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, develops personalized treatment plans for the management of plantar warts. This is based on the severity of your growths and symptoms, as well as your medical history and personal health needs. 

Treatment options for plantar warts include:

  • Acidic peel
  • Cryotherapy
  • Laser treatment
  • Minor surgical removal

Depending on the depth or number of plantar warts you have, you may require multiple treatments to remove the growths. 

When left alone, plantar warts may take up two years to go away. Call Svetlana Malinsky, DPM PC, or schedule an appointment online today, for a more proactive approach to getting rid of your warts.